Internship at Tata Steel

Improving the performance of Tata Steel’s heating furnaces

Is this your challenge?

The production of steel strip products from slab, for example for the automotive or construction sector, involves two heating processes. The first heating process is called reheating and aims to heat steel slabs to a temperature of about 1200°C to enable hot rolling. This process takes place in 100 MW gas-fired furnaces, in which the slabs have a residence time of about 3 hours. The second heating processes is called annealing and takes place after to cold rolling to achieve the right mechanical properties. In this process the strip is heated to about 800°C by means of gas-fired furnaces. The temperature control in both type of furnaces is very important to achieve the right product properties. Next to that, the furnaces consume a lot of energy, which results in costs and CO2 emissions.

Your challenge is to improve the temperature control in one of our reheating or annealing furnaces. A thorough study of the heating process is essential for your success, as well as a good overview of potential control concepts. Ultimately, you come up with new inventions to reduce the furnace energy consumption, and thus the costs and CO2 emissions related to the process.


This is your department

Tata Steel is a leading international company that produces and supplies high quality steel products. The company has about 80,000 employees and has production facilities in many different countries worldwide, mainly in India, UK and the Netherlands. The Strip Rolling & Control (SR&C) department is part of Tata Steel Research Development & Technology and is based in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. SR&C initiates industrial innovations for the production of steel strip products by optimising existing and developing new process technology. The Thermal Processes group is one of the four groups in this department, and develops new technologies related to thermal processes involved in the production of steel strip, such as heating in furnaces and cooling by means of water or air.


Is this you?

You are a MSc student in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Applied Physics or a comparable field. You are looking for an internship or graduation assignment in an industrial R&D environment. You have a special interest in transport phenomena (heat and mass transfer), thermodynamics, combustion, dynamic modelling and control engineering.


What can we offer?

Our traineeships offer opportunities for students to acquire skills and experience in the field of industrial research. During the traineeship, you contribute top the development of thermal processes involved in rolling of steel strip products. You analyse and improve (the control of) heat transfer during heating of steel products or semi-products. You work in a running R&D project together with Tata Steel colleagues, both from RD&T and manufacturing plants. We encourage trainees to regularly visit Tata Steel production plants to gain even more experiences. You will be paid during your internship.



If you would like to respond to this assignment, go to, and apply stating the reference code. Or call: +31(0)251 - 495764. The website also has an overview of all our work placement assignments and graduation projects.


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