Archief voor mei, 2018

Support Metalcycles project

De Nederlandse Vlamvereniging is trots om te melden dat wij het MetalCycles initiatief van de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven en de Technische Universiteit Delft steunen. Dit onderzoeksproject dingt mee in de perspectief call vanuit het NWO domein TTW. 

De samenvatting van dit project is als volgt:

In the search for low/no CO2-emitting energy applications, the research program MetalCycles will develop metal fuel energy applications. Metal fuels have very high energy densities, comparable to fossil fuels. The combustion and regeneration of metal (a.o. iron, zinc) will be investigated in order to develop a zero-carbon emitting cyclic energy generating process. Metal oxide regeneration will be performed using renewable resources, like wind, solar PV and hydropower. The technology will be applicable in Combined Heat Power (CHP)-systems, transport (tanker-ships, truck, car), hydrogen production and large-scale energy generation, making it possible to use existing power plant infrastructure. To contribute to the circular economy, the cycles will be initiated by the use of metal waste for which sustainable and selective pre-treatment methods will be developed. The economics, sustainability and societal impact in relation to the implementation of the technology in the various sectors mentioned will be an element of the program as well. From an economic point of view implementation of a novel technology allows new market opportunities, especially in CHP and transport development. From a societal point of view safety, health and environmental issues in addition to critical resourcing (e.g. food/materials by transport) will be impacted.