Our members

Delft University of Technology

The Energy Technology Section is part of the Process and Energy Department of the Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) faculty at the Delft University of Technology. Research and education focus on the design and modeling of thermal energy conversion systems, with a focus on renewable energy.

Our lively group consists of around 35 scientific staff members (professors, research associates and PhD students) and, at any time, approximately 40 M.Sc. students. We also manage excellent research facilities. 

Eindhoven University of Technology

An important aim of the research carried out in the Combustion Technology group is to support the development of efficient and clean combustion processes of organic fuels in laminar and turbulent flows. This is related to the development of new combustion equipment for domestic and industrial appliances, with a special focus on engine applications. Tailor-made theoretical and numerical models are developed using state-of-the-art physical and chemical knowledge of reacting flow systems.

Twente University

The research in the Thermal Engineering department is concerned with questions related to industrial applications of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, reaction kinetics, thermoacoustics and process technology. Using a combined approach of theoretical analysis, numerical calculations and experimental investigations, the department aims to develop new and advanced knowledge for application in industry and the built environment.

Priority is given to the clean and efficient use of energy and the application of renewable energy sources.

Bosch Thermotechniek B.V.

The Bosch brandname sounds very familiar to many people. In millions of households, this name is associated with thoroughly reliable devices , from dishwashers to vacuum cleaners and cookers to drills. Even in many cars, Bosch guarantees high technology.

A warm house and plenty of hot water: on these questions, Bosch always meets expectations. With a complete range of boilers, combi boilers, standing boilers, boilers (CW-class 3 to 6)VR boilers and geysers. 

Dacolt Combustion and CFD

Dacolt offers software and services for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling of industrial combustion applications, by providing innovative tools and expertise to support our customers in realising their fuel efficiency and pollutant emissions design goals.

De Jong Combustion

De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering combined offer over 160 years of experience in engineering , manufacturing and supply of tailor made industrial combustion systems. Our installations are used in various industries worldwide, such as power, (petro)chemical, refineries, EOR, incineration, desalination, paper and food. We are fully committed to offer our customers the best product, support, service and partnership.


Duiker Combustion Engineers

Duiker Combustion Engineers has been a trusted name in combustion technology since the 1950’s. Although some of the technology may have changed, our core values still remain the same – performance, reliability, and safety. Our main activities include designing, supplying and installing a range of liquid and gaseous fuel process burners for oil refining, chemical and natural gas processing industries across the globe.


NEM constantly monitors the energy market for demand for new technologies and products. This ongoing effort ensures the development of new highly customised solutions to complex energy problems.

Our research and development department is constantly looking for new solutions to complex problems, the application of new technologies and the improvement of existing products. Recently, our researchers have developed a solar powered boiler.

Shell International Oil Products

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. Our headquarters are in The Hague, the Netherlands, and our Chief Executive Officer is Peter Voser. The parent company of the Shell group is Royal Dutch Shell plc, which is incorporated in England and Wales.

Stork Thermeq R&D

We help our clients to reduce risk, assure safety and improve environmental performance, and we enhance profits through innovative solutions, and integrating ‘Thinking and Doing’.

Tata Steel

Tata Steel is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations in 26 countries and commercial offices in over 35 countries.

In Europe we are the second largest steel producer. But it’s not just our size that sets us apart. What makes us different is our approach to business. We believe our strength is how we build collaborative relationships that create new success for our customers.

Bekaert Combustion Technology

Bekaert Combustion Technology (BCT) is part of the N.V. Bekaert group. We are global market leaders in residential and commercial heating solutions with aluminium heat exchangers and premix low NOx burners. Many heating technologies used today were invented by Bekaert.

We pride ourselves on our innovative and pioneering technology with diverse product portfolio and robust customer support.  We often co-develop with our customers around the world  to come up with efficient, low emission and cost effective products.